This Was Day 2

Photo provided by JPR Photographie

The second day started off, with a strong showing by the Belgian women, that were able to book their first win in the preliminaries, beating China and Singapore.

The same can be said for the first Men’s game of the day. Switzerland performed well, which should continue throughout the day. Czechia couldn’t connect to yesterday’s great game and finished second before Denmark.

The Japanese women also won their second game on home turf, beating Switzerland and Czechia.

France also completed their game victorious against Korea and China with a 3-0-0 game.

Following their male teammates, the French women were able to secure their second win, although they had a difficult game, with China performing exceptionally well and placing second, with Korea on third place.

The Canadian Men’s team won their second game as well, but Belgium was a strong opponent, finishing before Denmark.

Canada beats Belgium

The Japanese Women’s team won their third game with 3-0-0, before Belgium, who performed much better than yesterday and Hong-Kong placing third.

The match of the day was undoubtedly the game between Switzerland, Spain and Japan in the Men’s category. The Swiss produced a 2-0-0 lead with an outstanding performance. Spain could close the gap by 1 period, before Japan woke up and secured the last 3 periods for themselves, with some tight points. To defend their title on Sunday, they will have to perform as well in the remaining games, as they did in the last 3 periods.

The final game of the day, the Women from Czechia, Korea and Canada faced each other. Canada managed to win 3-0-0. Unfortunately, the Czech team suffered two injuries during the game. Alex Pluharova could recover and returned to the court after a few minutes’ rest, but Marketa Luksikova, one of the team’s best defenders, probably won’t be able to continue the tournament.